Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile Sur mera tumhaaara :)

The latest avtaar of "mile sur mera tumhaaara" strengthens my belief in age old saying "old is gold". Not just the new version fails to strike the right chord, it fails completely as a song for national integration. The musical part of was the most disgusting part of it. Imagine the song being sung in "aaathi kya khandaaala" tune. And thats not all, Salman without shirt,Deepika Padukone in minis,Shahrukh acting as if he doing romantic no. in one of his stereotype lover boy roles.

I wonder why they missed out on Rakhi Sawant! :)

It surprises me how the whole video doesnt actually features acheivers rather the focus is on acheivers' kids. Am not sure if that sends out a right message.

For a change , i think they should have included few more people like Udhav Thackrey,Muthalik and also Mayawati and her statues.
This people contributed more to uniting India(though not intentionally :) )than anyone else in the recent past.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Am maturing as a blogger :)

So this is going to be my third post. I had planned for a pretty serious blog when i started it off. I thought,through idiotoscope, i will give my angle to things happening around. And here i am today,writing about nothing in particular! Thats me ;)

I have been visiting lots of blogs in the past few days, in an attempt to find what people around me are blogging on. And i was surprised to see the kind of widgets some of them have employed. Being an amateur i never thought such widgets even existed!

I have also managed to embed some of them to idiotoscope.But seems like my template has its limitations. Twitter buttons,shout box, sitemeter and so many more.The best part is all of them are for free.

Only god knows how my blog looks like now, after i put in all that widgets. I do believe in the old saying:'too many cooks spoil the broth'.Somebody post a comment on how it is and how i should be improving...please :)

Another thing i noticed about some very good blogs were that they followed KISS policy. KISS is of course the very famous "keep it short and simple". I have subscribed to a blog called Buyer's Behaviour by a gentleman called Prof. Ray Titus. Must say i found some high quality stuff in his blogs. The language and the logic used in his blogs are a class part.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 idiots controversy through idiotoscope

So another year goes by. Quite an eventful year. The nascent energy of the new year sprouts out new hope. And what better way to start new year than by watching "3 idiots". A thought provoking movie in the light due to all wrong reasons. I still couldn't understand why the makers of the movie are so reluctant to share the credit with Mr. Bhagat. There is no denying the fact the movie is a good more than just 2 or 3% of FPS. And anyone who would have read the book and seen the movie would very clearly know that. And by sharing the credit with Mr.Bhagat, i don't see anybody losing out on anything.

This and all makes one wonder if this fights and war of words aren't just a publicity stunt. Considering the fact that both the movie and the book is benefited by this, this is pretty cost effective way of advertising. And if it is not, the people who are in charge of advertising should take a look at it in that perspective. Cost effective because you don't have to pay anything for airing your advertisements. The gossip hungry channels would always pick it up for free. With all due respect to the television media, the reason why they pick it up is basically because the public is gossip hungry! And its not just one side that is benefited here. I guess this is a perfect example of SYMBIOSIS.

Secondly this kind of publicity is more effective than showing trailers on music channels simply because this gets every body talking and the word gets spread. So next time you visit a bookshop and see a copy FPS, you think about the press conferences and the gentleman shouting "SHUT UP". Some one wise once said "Any kind of publicity is good publicity". Though i don't believe it is correct always, but it works if you are advertising movies. There has been various occasions where the makers of themselves circulated wild gossips to get attention of people.

I don't say that this was all fabricated to grab the attention of people. I just want to say if it is so, its creative thinking by the advertising managers.I would call this innovative marketing though it can be debated if it is ethical or not. Yes they are making fool out of the common man, but then some of advertisements also do same. Now if Mr. CB and Mr.VVC shake hands and finish of this issue, it can bring a perfect end it to the whole saga and every body stands benefited out of this. The book and the movies gets noticed and the tv channels get their TRP ratings.Even the gossip hungry public is also kept happy.

I wont be surprised if lot of advertising managers resort to similar tactics for advertising their products in near future. Especially in times of recession when you have a very strict budget controls, this is quite an effective way of making public notice.

Mr.Khan is himself famous for his unconventional methods of grabbing public attention for his movies.I would believe that "Mr.Perfectionist" tag that he carries itself is one good way of turning heads.Before Mangal Pandey was released there was a lot of stuff circulating in the media about how he had prepared himself for two long years for the movie. Before the release of Ghulam, i remember him saying in one of the interview how he hadn't washed his face for a week for a particular scene. And the list is long. When you hear that kind of stuff, unknowingly it stirs your interest in the movie. And that's what he capitalizes on and that's what any advertisement is aimed at. And i don't see anything unethical in this. If what he is doing is wrong, then its wrong to air advertisements also.I have great respects for Mr.Khan. And i don't know if really intends publicity by his actions or not.But if you look through IDIOTOSCOPE, this is what you will see!

I read FPS during my college days.Needless to say that it strikes the right chord with the youth and no wonder its still one of the most popular books amongst the college going guys.3 idiots is an equally good movie, i can see there has been a lot of effort taken to make a movie out of the book. The makers deserve their due of credit but so does Mr.Bhagat as seeds were planted by him.