Saturday, January 9, 2010

Am maturing as a blogger :)

So this is going to be my third post. I had planned for a pretty serious blog when i started it off. I thought,through idiotoscope, i will give my angle to things happening around. And here i am today,writing about nothing in particular! Thats me ;)

I have been visiting lots of blogs in the past few days, in an attempt to find what people around me are blogging on. And i was surprised to see the kind of widgets some of them have employed. Being an amateur i never thought such widgets even existed!

I have also managed to embed some of them to idiotoscope.But seems like my template has its limitations. Twitter buttons,shout box, sitemeter and so many more.The best part is all of them are for free.

Only god knows how my blog looks like now, after i put in all that widgets. I do believe in the old saying:'too many cooks spoil the broth'.Somebody post a comment on how it is and how i should be improving...please :)

Another thing i noticed about some very good blogs were that they followed KISS policy. KISS is of course the very famous "keep it short and simple". I have subscribed to a blog called Buyer's Behaviour by a gentleman called Prof. Ray Titus. Must say i found some high quality stuff in his blogs. The language and the logic used in his blogs are a class part.


  1. Hi,
    Welcome to bloggers world. I suggest you to add photos with your post. By the way, Thanks for Your comment for my post.

  2. page's cool.. :) do write often.. write about your own interests and at the sam time give space to others' ..

    ps: thanks so much for visiting my page commenting :)

  3. I meant that u've to give space to others interests.. :)here's my facebook page.. get in touch if you feel we can make good frnds :)