Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile Sur mera tumhaaara :)

The latest avtaar of "mile sur mera tumhaaara" strengthens my belief in age old saying "old is gold". Not just the new version fails to strike the right chord, it fails completely as a song for national integration. The musical part of was the most disgusting part of it. Imagine the song being sung in "aaathi kya khandaaala" tune. And thats not all, Salman without shirt,Deepika Padukone in minis,Shahrukh acting as if he doing romantic no. in one of his stereotype lover boy roles.

I wonder why they missed out on Rakhi Sawant! :)

It surprises me how the whole video doesnt actually features acheivers rather the focus is on acheivers' kids. Am not sure if that sends out a right message.

For a change , i think they should have included few more people like Udhav Thackrey,Muthalik and also Mayawati and her statues.
This people contributed more to uniting India(though not intentionally :) )than anyone else in the recent past.

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