Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why does a resource has to resign before his aspiratons are taken seriously?

I recently asked this question to the CEO himself when we had an open house. As expected there was no concrete answer, just display of anger which clearly showed that they didnt themselves have a clue!

For me their answer doesn't matter at all, as i would leave the company in another week.But is this approach from the company doing good to anybody? I seriously don't think so.

One of the excuses that was made by the top level HR was that 'you should go and ask your manager'. Yes we have to! I agree. But how many times? Is compromising your humility the only way to move up the ladder? In that sort of a scenario, it becomes more honorable to drop your papers and leave.

Its been more than 85 days since i have resigned. There were no talks for the first three weeks. Then people came for 'casual talk'. 8 weeks later they began to sound serious! And now, it seems that they want me to undergo some mental stress exercises before i leave!

I wonder if it serves any purpose.

Why do people have to mix personal and professional things? They say they don't! But if they hadn't, why display emotions?

Probably the best way to keep your calm in such situation is keep telling yourself thats its just another 5 days more and hope that your next employer has some standard.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mumbai Stands in support of its 'King'

I am not a Shahrukh fan by any chance but i sincerely hope that MNIK be a huge success.Not because the movie is good(i heard its phenomenal, i dont know, i have not seen it so far), but because people who do anything for cheap publicity should be hit and hit hard. Voicing an opinion over an incident is one thing and issuing threats of violence is another. While the former is guaranteed under our fundamental rights, the latter has to be dealt strongly. Its high time that we place these kind of vandals in the same category as SIMI or IM.

Maharashtra govt and the state police deserves a pat on the back for giving the multiplex owners the confidence they needed by dragging the culprits on to jail. Only wish they had done this during last valentine's eve when the so called Moral police resorted to physical abuse on women. Its irony that people who cant respect women themselves claim to safeguard a state's cultural identity.

I remember somebody had tweeted that "Shiv sena and MNS are nothing but political Rakhi Sawant". I cannot agree more.

Lots of respects to Shahrukh for standing up to these guys threats. I guess people like Saif and KJo will learn a lesson or two from this incident.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do u need to do to be a successfull blogger?

Some people write very often while some use Shakespearean language. Some people write simple funny stuff.

So what are a good blogger's attributes and ultimately what makes a great blog. Recently i have been reading and following a lot of them. Especially after one of my well wisher called one of my blogs as "pukka idiotic". Must say it was an eye opener :)

I finished reading Chetan Bhagat's 2 States. I think he is one person who proved that two write a gr8 novel, all that you need is a catchy theme and a great story, something that strikes the right chords. Gone are those days when language used to define the quality of a novel. I believe its ultimately the reach of your writing that matters.To write a classic, u d still need gr8 language but whats the point when you are not able to understand some of those 'majestic words'

So coming back to the original topic......what makes a great blog?

It should depend on the reader. Some people read blog because they are keen about knowing more about some thing, some because they want to improve their language(myself) and some because they don't have anything else to do(me again). There may be a lot more reasons for people reading a blog,these are just few things that come to my mind.

To write a great blog, probably u need to understand your audience and what they expect you to write. I am in the process already! May be next time i write, i ll do better :)