Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A white paper on best practises of boozing!!

This blog is a result of 'kadi tapasya' done by me and my friends over a period of 6 years. This has been tested in bars from Kothamangalam to Amsterdam(Jaggu..hope you are reading this) and on brands ranging from 'Jawan' which cost 120 per liter to Jack Daniel's ( i dont know the price, i never paid for it :-)).
Readers(if any) are welcome to put their own research theories and also contradict with us provided that they meet the basic criteria which is given below.

1.Must have the ability to drink at least 6 pegs without puking.
2.Should have experience in this field for minimum five years without a gap of not more than 2 months.

So anyone who matches the above two criteria is all welcome to put up his hypothesis on this blog.


1.Never booze when upset. Booze only to celebrate.

2.Boozing is never addictive. So don't even try!!(to get addicted)

*. Never booze alone.

3.Call up your GF after the third peg. Tell her how much you love her and how nothing else matters to you other than her. When you ve had your third peg, you have this strange ability to speak as if there is no more blood flowing in your veins but alcohol and yet manage to be in control of what you speak.Girls are more often than not fool enough to believe that when a guy drinks, he speaks nothing but truth. Exploit this to the maximum!!

Never call your GF after the 6th peg. Who knows you might just start speaking the truth!!!

4.Booze slowly and steadily. Booze to be on the high and not to tumble down and puke all over. If you just wanna sleep, try sleeping pills instead!

5.Never go by the society rules of taking sips. If you feel uncomfortable with the taste, gulp it down immediately. After all, the whole purpose is to get the kick! If its the taste that you are looking for, try ice cream!

6.Dip your finger in the spiciest of pickle, rub it on your tongue and exhale as soon as the liquor traces its way down your throat. Helps to overcome jerk which might be a result of resistance offered by your body. This may not be correct scientifically, test it your own risk.

This is applicable only if you are not a seasoned drinker!! For a seasoned drinker, there is no jerk in the first place!

7.Now this one is scientific .Drink a lot of water! Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your body. So compensate for the lost water by drinking more(water of course!!)

8.Your liver generates in every 6 months(My friend says so and generally he is right!). So no matter how much u drink, you can always take break and start again!

To be continued......


  1. Had to change the blog layout since the previous one was allowing to post comments.

  2. Nice post Anoop!
    n M waiting for your continuation!
    I agree with all the points...especially the one where you are saying that some girls think that guys speak the truth after they are drunk.....I think people getting drunk for the first time might tell the truth cause they don't know what's happening to them! It's my personal experience too ....I don't tell the truth even if I am completely sloshed!

  3. @JSincro..You know what, when i wrote that blog, the first thing that came to my mind was that if you happen to read this by any chance, you would come all the way to my place and slap me....ddddddissssshh!! :-)

    I am looking forward for some points from your side that i can put forth in this blog.It will be interesting to see things from a girl's point of view.

  4. Hey da...I am very much impressed.. I think its high time that we intorduce some petiquette( peg etiquette).. We are so experienced in this field that we can revolutionalize the art of boozing..

    N again.. u can still do better with the blog template..The last one ws cool but wats the use when u cant commnet on it,,

  5. @Jaggu I agree...we guys are established enough to define petiquette. And that will done in our next reunion, wherever it is!!
    Back from high school days, i had fascination for -OH group.Could be one reason why i loved organic chemistry so much :-)

    I am fed up trying to customize this template. Up there you will see my picture completely out of proportion from rest of the widgets :-(. Would require a senior blogger's help.....and you are pretty good choice :-D