Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where is the passion??

Starting something of my own has always been a dream for me. And when you have a dream that you see with your eyes open everyday, your mind unconsciously works towards achieving it. At least i believe so.

I understand the risks involved in leaving a high paying job in one of the biggest IT companies to start-up your own business especially when you are just a 'toddler' in the industry with no previous experience in business. But then, that's how everything started. Those who succeeded were not exceptionally great men. They were also once like us who just believed in their dream.

Yet, there are so many people around who are convinced that i can never make it big. Why, because i am just 2 yrs old in the field. Because i will not get clients. Because i don't have initial investment. The list is unending.

But then without all this, so many companies started, and some of them managed to become "the changing face of India" and their leaders, "New gen enterprenurs".

"You will not understand the benefits of being in a job. You will understand it later" said a very matured friend of mine. Yeah i wouldn't understand. I can sit in this company and have people who i know are not half as capable as me, deliver me lectures on the process i should follow here. I really don't understand it, please help me understand.

"There are so many advantages of being salaried professional". I am sure there are! But they don't interest me. Ships would never drown if they stay in the harbor, but is that why ships are made for?

"Hey N, look Anoop is going to start a business. Why don't you invest some money?" V called out sarcastically to N

"What am i mad or what? Business...hhmmm. The guy is out of his minds. Dont worry he will be alright as he begins to understand the world"

Its always easy to take the easier path. The path that has been traversed by so many people before you and and will be traversed by so many after you. Does that excite you. Not me. I read somewhere that a very famous university conducted a study on two groups of people. One who wanted to make money, another who pursued what interested them. And they found that 20 years later, it was the latter who were richer than the former.

Its not about money. Its about doing what i feel like doing. Its about driving your own show. Its about eliminating all that i think is just a waste of time and resources and putting a better and more efficient working model.

A is a nice guy and happens to be my roommate. A is what you call a satisfied person,contented in all sense. His daily routines revolves around three 'S'. Sleeping, sex and shitting! He spends as much time in lavatory as he spends in his bed. And when he is not sleeping or shitting, he is thinking about sex. So much, that if mind-raping had been a punishable offense, he would have been awarded death sentences each day since he attained puberty.

Just before i started writing this blog, i had a big argument with him. As he got up from his 16 hour long sleep, i advised him to get up and do something with his life. He said he is thinking about it. He said he doesn't feel passionate anymore about anything. He blames it on his failed love. Nothing irritates me more! He said how he was passionate back then and since she left her, he lost interest in life. With this he walked to lavatory to experience what he says is a divine pleasure. One and half hours later he emerged with a satisfying look on his face. This was probably 5th or 6th time he had been to "London"(that's his code word for lavatory).

Then he advised me like a grand old man "There is more in life than this work"

Yeah i see that.He had kept the door of the bathroom open,just in case he wanna go back in, he need not take extra effort to open it!

"For you, starting your own business is a passion. But what after that. While you die, you cant take anything with u rite?"

"What nonsense" I was in no mood to give up. "At least i will not regret that i didn't do what i wanted to. Its not what you take with you while you die, its how you have been living your life till then. Life's is a journey and death is the destination. If i pursue my passion, i will enjoy my journey and embrace my destination without any regrets". I was rather surprised by own philosophical spontaneity. Lately i have become quite a philosopher. J would agree!

"That is your view point,Anoop. Just like you enjoy dreaming about the unachievable(sucker!! i wanna give a punch rite on his nose), i enjoy my sleep. I enjoy my food. Ultimately what matters is whether we are happy or not. Living my life like this gives me happiness." He has a point there and i cannot deny that!Though i simply cannot believe that anybody can be happy by living a life like that.

As i pen this,i don't know if he is really happy or he said that just to win the argument(he is in lavatory,anyways) but i am not happy. Am not at all satisfied. I cannot spend my whole life like this. I want to do what i love to do and not just "work".

And with a belief that someday i will be able to prove all these people wrong, i conclude.

PS: A is not as bad as he would seem in this post. He is a real nice person,rather a gem of a person.Just that, he is one big lazy bum and is suffering from never ending stomach disorder.

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