Sunday, January 9, 2011

Traffic rules not just for people on wheels!

Its sad that in our country pedestrians tend to get away with all the traffic rules that they violate. They never care to think twice as they cross the roads even  when the signal is green, happily talking in to their handsets. They seem too busy to be bothered by deafening sound your horns would make. They just don't care. Even if its highway with no signal, they just raise their hand in an indication to stop, and cross the road.

Its high time traffic rules accommodate a few provisions for such kind of unruly behavior by  all those people who tend to think that these rules are just for people on wheels. A drunk pedestrian is as dangerous as a drunk driver. You might be driving in your top gear when this fellow collapses in front of you.

How many times does it happen that a someone waiting at the side of the road jumps in-front of your vehicle in an attempt to cross the road and then with a sudden realization, return back to where he was,leaving you completely guessing on what his next actions would be.

Not that all pedestrians are careless and all people on vehicle, traffic rules obeying citizens. But its very fair to have same yardstick people breaking the law irrespective of whether he is on a vehicle or not.

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