Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do u need to do to be a successfull blogger?

Some people write very often while some use Shakespearean language. Some people write simple funny stuff.

So what are a good blogger's attributes and ultimately what makes a great blog. Recently i have been reading and following a lot of them. Especially after one of my well wisher called one of my blogs as "pukka idiotic". Must say it was an eye opener :)

I finished reading Chetan Bhagat's 2 States. I think he is one person who proved that two write a gr8 novel, all that you need is a catchy theme and a great story, something that strikes the right chords. Gone are those days when language used to define the quality of a novel. I believe its ultimately the reach of your writing that matters.To write a classic, u d still need gr8 language but whats the point when you are not able to understand some of those 'majestic words'

So coming back to the original topic......what makes a great blog?

It should depend on the reader. Some people read blog because they are keen about knowing more about some thing, some because they want to improve their language(myself) and some because they don't have anything else to do(me again). There may be a lot more reasons for people reading a blog,these are just few things that come to my mind.

To write a great blog, probably u need to understand your audience and what they expect you to write. I am in the process already! May be next time i write, i ll do better :)


  1. there r lotta other reasons for people to blog...For instance, i started bloggin to just a have a feel of blogosphere..Then i blogged for fun..Now i blog for the sake of blogging ...

    But as i said,its really important to identify your readers.. Just like i did(it was easy for me as i just had 2/3 readers

    cheers bro

  2. Thanks bro! To be very honest, it was by reading your blogs that i felt i should have one of my own.