Friday, February 12, 2010

Mumbai Stands in support of its 'King'

I am not a Shahrukh fan by any chance but i sincerely hope that MNIK be a huge success.Not because the movie is good(i heard its phenomenal, i dont know, i have not seen it so far), but because people who do anything for cheap publicity should be hit and hit hard. Voicing an opinion over an incident is one thing and issuing threats of violence is another. While the former is guaranteed under our fundamental rights, the latter has to be dealt strongly. Its high time that we place these kind of vandals in the same category as SIMI or IM.

Maharashtra govt and the state police deserves a pat on the back for giving the multiplex owners the confidence they needed by dragging the culprits on to jail. Only wish they had done this during last valentine's eve when the so called Moral police resorted to physical abuse on women. Its irony that people who cant respect women themselves claim to safeguard a state's cultural identity.

I remember somebody had tweeted that "Shiv sena and MNS are nothing but political Rakhi Sawant". I cannot agree more.

Lots of respects to Shahrukh for standing up to these guys threats. I guess people like Saif and KJo will learn a lesson or two from this incident.

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