Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why does a resource has to resign before his aspiratons are taken seriously?

I recently asked this question to the CEO himself when we had an open house. As expected there was no concrete answer, just display of anger which clearly showed that they didnt themselves have a clue!

For me their answer doesn't matter at all, as i would leave the company in another week.But is this approach from the company doing good to anybody? I seriously don't think so.

One of the excuses that was made by the top level HR was that 'you should go and ask your manager'. Yes we have to! I agree. But how many times? Is compromising your humility the only way to move up the ladder? In that sort of a scenario, it becomes more honorable to drop your papers and leave.

Its been more than 85 days since i have resigned. There were no talks for the first three weeks. Then people came for 'casual talk'. 8 weeks later they began to sound serious! And now, it seems that they want me to undergo some mental stress exercises before i leave!

I wonder if it serves any purpose.

Why do people have to mix personal and professional things? They say they don't! But if they hadn't, why display emotions?

Probably the best way to keep your calm in such situation is keep telling yourself thats its just another 5 days more and hope that your next employer has some standard.

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