Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thoughts:State of journalism in our country!

Past few days news papers have been buzzing with Shoaib-Sania marriage. To add more fuel, Mr. Thackarey, the self declared guardian of "Bharatiyatha" went down to threaten Sania for falling in love in with a Pakistani. Man, this guy comes right out of cartoon network!!

A veteran journalist and a self proclaimed "Mr.Right" tweets about professional ethics of a journalist when he sees Shoaib Sania saga in the front pages of all major newspapers. And what does his channel do, they show live pictures of NSG commandos landing on the Nariman house.In his defense,he asserts that Govt. must have restricted them. There is no denying the fact the govt. and the army should have cordoned off the area, but does it take anything more than pure common sense to understand that showing live pictures of military operation can end up in a disaster? Its so obvious,that you have to be Rajdeep Sardesai not to have  foreseen that!! Did he forget the term 'collective responsibility' which he uses so often while he grills the top notch politicians of the country.No intentions of finger pointing at the gentleman, just wanted to say , if you cant do things right, go easy on preaching!

The media, in the present day, is just a medium to sell whats hot! Open up the middle page of the very famous TOI and there wont be a day when you wont see a bikini clad model there.There may not be anything wrong with that, but do you have to go to that level to increase your circulation. And we were the ones who screamed when FTV was launched in India.

Headlines Today is more about whats happening in reality shows. They seem to be more bothered about Shweta Tiwari wore in "Mujhe Jungle se bachao" or how "Rakhi ka swayamvar" is shaping up. Aaj Tak holds its own survey and always rates itself as the no.1 news channel. They seem to have taken a lesson from a very famous "management guru" who also runs a business school which also rates itself as better than the IIMs :-)

There was this incident when one of the very famous lady journalists in the present day, ventured into Kargil to show the world what women are capable of ! And she did show what she was capable of. Two jawans lost their life, when she flashed her camera at Pakistani forces, disclosing their position and making them a clean sitting duck. And God, did we see any remorse from her.

More surprisingly, this issue was never given due importance by the media.Did we see a discussion on "Big Fight" or "We, the people" whether journalists should be allowed on war front or not?
You spare nobody, but when its cases of  lapses on your own side,you play it down! How easy!

Quite recently, i saw this program 'Being a Muslim' on one of the premier news channels. They showed how they are the only ones in the entire country who treat muslims as our fellow brothers and the rest all of us working for their annihilation.I feel that particular feature would have done more good for to the terror recruiters than to anyone else.

There is no denying the fact that muslims do at times get subjected to stringent security checks. But we need to be aware of the fact that this is more required to in national interest and not aimed at creating a divide. In fact this is eliminate those who are hellbent on creating a divide. If we want to get away with stringent checks, we should make it a point that we don't blame the security agencies with terms "Intelligence failure" which is first thing the common man in the street speaks of, should he hears about a bomb blast. How easily we ignore how many of 26/11 s were avoided and nipped in the bud by our good guys. But that never seem to excite the  media nor the general public. .

'Tehelka tapes' were undoubtedly an important chapter in the history of Indian journalism. It showed the difference the media can make when it comes to exposing corruption to the public. Since then numerous sting operations have been undertaken, some genuine and some not so genuine ones. One good thing about the sting operation is that it brings about instant response. Today sting operations have also turned spicy! No am not referring to "Emotional Atyachar"!! Out of the 10 sting operations carried today, 6 are  to expose sex scandals. Not that these guys feel a lot for morality, its just it adds up more masala, more audience and hence a better TRP rating. Mission accomplished!!

The latest figure to be caught with his pants down was none other 'Baba Nithayananda'! Unlike all other times when the feeling was more of outrage, i felt rather amused by this episode. I mean the people who trusted this Godman or any other Godman for that reason, didn't deserve anything better. I feel pity for the "bhakts" but you asked for it, and so you got it! Nobody to blame.

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