Thursday, April 1, 2010


I always thought that i would keep this blog strictly non personal. And i wouldn't have any acquaintance know about this. May be it was because i was too shy to share my thoughts.

And then i stared following J. Thanks to her, i now realize and most important, i accept that blogging isn't for others to read.

Its more for our own self. And now i know the reason, why even i despite repeated attempts to control personal stuff getting to HTML format, i unknowingly write something out of my own personal space!!

Back in my previous city, where i was staying for past two years, i would never find time to blog. May be its because there were so many other things to do. And now here, i ve kinda become a regular blogger,completely unmindful of the potential psychological torture, the readers might just be subjected to! And that's may be because there s nothing else for me to do!

To some extent, i believe solitude is an important part of life, of course everything depends on how you approach it. Its good way to relax your mind and soul and to do a bit of self discovery. Its time to go back rediscover all those dreams you had nipped in the bud for all sorts of reasons. And I ve just begun to realize that!

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