Monday, April 26, 2010

Kill IPL !

"An embattled IPL commissioner Lalit Modi refused on Saturday to resign from his post and dared BCCI to sack him at Monday's IPL governing council meeting. While the BCCI brass went into huddle to chalk out a strategy to remove him,Mr.Modi showed no signs of backin down"--The Hindu

Two weeks after setting in motion a sequence of events which would lead to the resignation of the man who is no stranger to controversies,Mr. Shashi Tharoor , Lalit Modi himself finds in troubled waters.Such is the impact of introdouction of Kerala team.  And here am thinking that malayalees have no role to play in IPL!!

For the past three days, IPL controversy has occupied the front page of all major news papers except TOI which chooses to put some sex scandal and pictures of bikini babes instead!Thats what i like about the TOI :-).

From allegations of rigging in the team allotment process to match-fixing, IPL seems to be unfolding enough melodrama to put Kavitha Kapoor's saaas-bahu soaps to shame. And its just started!

As a person who was very passionate about his cricket in his teens, i ve come to understand my cricket and hence  appreciate the beauty of a classic stroke play.For me batting is a bit more than bang bang.
In a 50 over match, you need to save your wicket and cannot throw your bat just at anything. Thats when the batsman's true skills are tested. In IPL, you just need to be bothered about 20 overs, which means there isnt a lot of need to save your wickets. Its just hit as much as you can or die doing so.

Thats not the only reason why don't like IPL.i dont feel the same passion seeing IPL that i get when i see India taking on Australia(forget Pakistanis, Australians are our new enemies!).

Sony's IPL campaign showed picking up sides in IPL as trendy and soon people started choosing their teams for support. The element of glamor involved also played its part in making the IPL popular. But do my hairs stand up like it does when Sachin faces Shoaib....naaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I am a big time Sachin fan and hence i support MI, but even when they lose, i dont get that dejected feeling that i get when India loses to Australia. The only time i clapped hard was when Bhajji slapped Sreesanth! He long deserved one :-) didn't he?

And the fuss about IPL being a wonderful concept and a unique business model is again baseless.
It was ICL that came up with this idea in the first place. If not for BCCI's arm twisting and cut throat techniques to establish monopoly, IPL might have been a different story altogether. They didnt follow ethics of fair competition from day 1, but now when Shashi Tharoor come gate crashing to Modi's party and demanded that he give his state an IPL team, Modi's plans of making a few extra bucks for himself by allotting the ownership of the new teams to a premier industrial house of the country took a beating. An outraged Modi questioned the Tharoor's ethics, which triggered a chain of events which led Tharoor to resign from his ministerial post.

At least now he can tweet in peace!!

Little did Modi know that, his actions were to backfire on him sooner than he anticipated.Now he is on the brink of losing his job as IPL commissioner, if he hasnt already. And now BCCI is going to setup all kinds of enquiry commissions that you can possibly imagine (and some that you cant possibly imagine :-) ) against him. Poor Modi! Is this what you call "apne pairon pe khuladi maarna" ?

People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones at others.

Kapil Dev and the entire ICL team would be watching the events with a lot of interest.And why not,BCCI issued threats of bans and used its influence with the cricket boards of friendly countries to burn down ICL to ground. They should have something to cheer about after all.

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