Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nostalgic Videos!!

As i was youtubing around, i found this video. This was one of those good old NFDC presentation which would keep me glued to TV sets back when i was studying in primary school.

Now this led me to do a bit more youtubing in search of similar nostalgic videos. And then i found this one. I remember not missing a single episode of this 'MOGLI'.

More searching and i came across some of the good old ads. One of them is the "Hamara Bajaj" campaign. I remember back then most of Bajaj scooters would have "You just cant beat a Bajaj" caption on their Stephenie cover.As a kid, i used to stand in the space between the driver's seat and the handle with a lot of pride!

And the Lifebuoy ad: "Tandooristhi ki raksha kare Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy hai jahaan, Tandooristhi hain wahan"

And finally how can any Indian not have seen this video. The remake of this video by a popular production house was as disgusting it can get.In fact,to say it was disgusting would be a understatement. I didn't see a single word of praise from any one over the cyberspace for the newer version except the makers themselves and the actors in the video who claimed it be historical.Reminds me of sprite ad caption "logon ko paisa do, kuch bhi bol daalte hain"!

And now the remake version of this. This video seemed to me more than about achiever's kids than acheiver's themselves.The most disgusting part is when the song is retuned on the notes "aati kya khandal" for Aamir's screen presence.For me that was the lowest point. But then there are plenty of blunders in the video for every one to have a pick of their own. Shirtless Sallu, Deepika in minies...i wonder how they missed out Rakhi Sawant!

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