Monday, December 13, 2010

After dreaming for almost 8 years, I have finally my own bike. And trust me, it’s a wonderful feeling.
I finally have my Pulsar 180. Certainly not the most happening bike around, but definitely the most happening I could get in my budget!!
And also, once you own a bike, it’s like getting married. You have to love it no matter what. 

Though am not allowed to go above 55 kmph, am still loving it.

There were so many thoughts before I got the key in my hands. To buy or not to buy, 180 or 150, blue or red, but now with the key in my hands, am a happy man.

I remember it all started when Bajaj fellows aired the ‘Definitely male’ ad.  Those days, Plusar was by far the most stylish bike around with round headlight and a ‘raging bull’ look.

As a school going kid who had just learnt to drive a bike, I was completely fascinated by what this bike had to offer. And not just me, I guess it was on the wish list of all the guys in the neighborhood. 

8 years of waiting and I finally own one. Pulsar has come a long way since then. So have I.

Another stage of life completed. One more on the list of things to do before I die, accomplished.

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