Saturday, December 25, 2010

Confusing argument

Binayak Sen's life sentence has raised a quite a lot of eye brows. Some term it as pretty harsh and some, as complete failure of Indian judicial system.

I really don't know whether he is guilty, but the charge on him was of sedition which if proved right has to have a harsh statement. One can debate over the authenticity of the evidences and logic of the prosecution's argument, but once proved guilty, i don't think one has to expect any mercy for that serious charge.

And the argument that i get to hear repeatedly, is that why is he given such a cruel statement, when the rich and the powerful are getting away with their crimes.

Two things are to be noted here.

One, just because some people with influence are getting away, it makes no sense to let loose the less powerful people to what they want. No system is completely fool proof. We can work to improve it to catch the rich, powerful and the influential. But that doesn't mean we can turn our back on the smaller criminals till then. We need to keep filtering with filter that we have till we get a better one.

Two, the charge here was for sedition which is by far a very serious crime compared all the scandals the we ve had in the most scandalous year in the history of Independent India. The judgment has to be just and also act as deterrent for other people from joining enemy forces to conspire against the nation.

I only hope that if Binayak Sen innocent, he be freed with an apology. And if he is not, his sentence be upheld.

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