Monday, March 1, 2010

What a fortnight it had been!!

"When was the last time u did something for the first time" was the tag in my orkut status for past few days and not without reason!

Last few days have been phenomenal for me. We had a small get together with my college buddies at Alleppy in a houseboat. It was as good as any of our college tours. As the concentration of antiquity increased in our blood levels, our minds wandered back to those days of pure madness, leaving behind the corporate and professional etiquette. Thank u, Jaggu.....without you driving the show, this just wouldn't have been possible.
This would remain embedded in my memory for years to come.

Back in Hexaware, it was farewell time for me. When Shan spoke at length about my achievements in Hexaware and at my project, i wondered if i really deserved all that.When Hari said, that i was handpicked form the best of peoplesoft guys to get trained , i was completely rendered speechless. Final when Ram said "Make your mark wherever you go" i was inspired.

Two days later, it was again time for me to do something i had never done before. To fly and to fly in King Fisher. It was excited like a kid as i approached the airport. Sitting in the backseat of the cab whose bill would be reimbursed by the company, i felt like a King as i admired the streets of Chennai for one last time.

At the airport, it was quite easy to understand why KF is the most preferred airline. They were better looking, more cooperative and showed more skin than any of their competitors. The red bird herself was as such was not very smooth though.

Bangalore traffic drove me mad on Day1 itself. I was surprised to see drivers taking tickets while they are driving. What can be more risky on road...that too on roads of Bangalore.

Back in the company i had a dream start. I was late on day 1 which prompted the HR to speak a few words extra on the need to cultivate qualities like punctuality,sincerity, dedication and few more, which i had mugged up in primary school moral science classes.

The HR lady collecting the documents almost fainted when she saw the no. of arrears i had! She gave me a look which was her own way of asking me "What the hell are u doing here?". i just smiled giving my silent answer which remained same throughout all the viva exams,i attended in my engineering days "i don't know!"

First day at work. I was very excited to be called for a meeting. One and half hours later when i came out of the conference room, i felt as if i am coming out of Thrissurpuram. There was a customer escalation and so it was all "dddddimmmmmm" "ddddoooooommmmm" inside. People exploding here and there. I sat there wondering if i really belong to this place.

And now finally am leaving for the day. Back at my guest house, i get really good food. what makes it more special is the fact that its FREE! I hadnt been eating there as some idiot had told me that i would have to pay for the food!! So i need to compensate for the days lost also!

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