Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy bday to me!!

And another year of my life goes by! Less midnight bday wishes and less excitement. I guess, am getting old!
Or may be its just that iam getting more lonely.

Reminds me of the good old days...back when we were in school, how my friends would pretend that they ve forgot my bday for the entire day and then before we left school, would ask me stay back and then.....surprise!

Though it was never a surprise( as i would always know about the surprise from the very begining itself) , it was always fun to be acting as if u were completely taken aback and that a surprise cake was the last thing u expected!!

College days were completely different! The standard practise of celebrating bday hadnt changed in decades in our college. The room mates would wake u up exactly at 12 and carry u to the tv room where everybody from the hostel(except the warden) would be already present to make a "dhol" of ur butt! They hit u so hard, that for the next few days u prefer to stand than to sit! And u cant say a word!!

In the final years, a new custom was also introduced where in they would drench u with cold water. And then comes cake cutting...

And then Hexaware days, corporate style. Team mates arrange a cake, they circle around u while they sing happy bday and u cut the cake. They wish, they eat and then they go! If u are lucky some guys would come and smash cake on ur face! But chances of that are very less! Pucca corporate style!

This time it was a complete aberration. Stood up in terrace at midnight hoping against all hopes for a call which never came. But somewhere inside i knew it wouldnt come. But there is no harm in pinning some hopes anyway! And after all things have changed quite drastically from last year. A call did come, from the best of my college mates. And some good old friends! Thank u guys! I started this year of my life with a smile bcos of u guys!

And so here am sitting in The company. The last 20 min while i was writing this blog, it was almost like a flash back for me. I thought this happened only in movies!!


  1. Congratulations!
    Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  2. Thanks friend! U r old only if u think u r old! And u r special only and only if u believe that u r special! cant agree more....
    Thanks for visiting. Only wish u had put ur name also.