Sunday, March 21, 2010

How much salary is enough salary.

Very recently i quit company H and joined company O for a hike that raised quite a few eyebrows!! All the time when i was serving my notice period in company H, i thought the salary that i would be getting in my new company would be good enough to meet the ends and also to have decent savings. But little did i know, that with the new job would come a new location and which is as of today, giving Delhi and Mumbai a tough competition for "the most expensive city in India" status.

Welcome to bangalore!

Maddening traffic. Sky high rents. Street dogs chasing the bikes. Pubs, Malls, Discos,Multiplexes. 30 storey apartment complexes. 1 bhks within just 250 odd sqrft.

Just some of the common sights u d see here.

But not everything abt bangalore is bad. If u are single and eat outside daily, u have lots good clean and cheap places. The local population understands Hindi. So u dont have to learn the local language to bargain it out with the auto driver!

You have some real beautiful serene Defence colony in Indiranagar for instance. Was put up there during initial stay when company provided the accommodation. Couldnt believe that u can have such green place within a city which is known for its "Traffic blocks" and congested living quarters. Wonder, when would i have enough salary to buy a flat there!

For the last two weeks, i have been on house hunting mission but without much success. The rates they ask for a 1 bhk makes me faint! Cannot believe that its almost 3 times what i paid back in chennai and has lesser facilities!

When i got my offer letter, i thought it was a good enough salary for me to settle down in bangalore...and here am not even able to take a 1 bhk!!

I remember my mother telling me once that no matter however you earn, its only sometime before u get a feeling that u are not getting enough! To remain happy in
what you earn is quality in itself.

And that makes me think! Whether i want to be rich or to be happy? But are they not related somewhere? Some where yes! If you have the money to get what u want and do what u want to, u ll be happy! i will be. i get sad when i see my friends venturing into differnt things and i have to sit back and watch them just bcos i dont have financial bandwidth to do so. Agreed...that money is not sole reason for the happiness!But still........

So coming back to where i much salary is a good enough salary?
May be there is noting like a 'good enough salary'. With the increase in salary, the human greed also increases and our dissatisfaction with the pay is only resulting phenomenon.

PS:I know its a tottaly rubbish blog, but then i didnt have anything else to write on as of today!! :-)


  1. Whether i want to be rich or to be happy? But are they not related somewhere? Some where yes! If you have the money to get what u want and do what u want to, u ll be happy! i will be.

    -- different people, different perspectives. Happiness is a peculiar state of mind, according to me. Haven't fully figured out how to achieve that.

    anyways, good one, mate!

  2. The best part of finding out "what makes u happy" is that when u are happy, u never think about it. You think about things that makes you happy only when u are not happy! The more you think, the more unhappy you get! Its a catch 22 situation!

  3. The bitter truth which every individual is aware about but doesn't want to digest is that "Perception differs"...if this realization is going to dawn in all human brains, i guess we wouldn't have any commotion at all!!!

    And yes, it's all in the judge if you are actually happy & contented or you still need to be in the race and give a run to your aspirations....

    Consciously lending a ear to Conscience actually helps a great deal...

  4. Know wat Mythili, i came to delete this post when i saw ur comment! Was thinking, this is not the right kind of post that i would want to put up.
    And then i saw ur am lettng this stay for a while!