Monday, March 8, 2010

My take on Women's reservation bill

The more i see a feminist, the more i am convinced of their uselessness in uplifting women's status in society. Its fair to believe that man and women compliment each other. However, to say that, men and women are equal on all fronts is closing your eyes to facts. God made men more physically powerfull than women so that they can protect them. Similarly God made women more emotional so that they can love their men and children and guide them to lead a proper life. This no where means that men shouldn't help their partner in kitchen or a woman shouldnt go to office. It just means that, in situations where men are supposed to lead, women should respect and allow them to do so. Same is expected of men in situations where a woman can handle things better.

Woman has always been portrayed as a symbol of motherhood and compassion from centuries. The most strongest bond between two humans is that between of mother and son.Women along with men also understand that these are no easy things. They should start taking pride in what they do instead of challenging men. To have peace family, man and woman shouldnt challenge each other, rather they should support each other.

Back in the days when men would go hunting for livelihood, women used to stay back at home taking care of the younger ones.There was nothing called like 'feminists' those days and there was no 'women's right commission' also. Since today you have less risky ways of earning your livelihood, the feminists started complaining for more freedom, liberty and god knows what all!

The point i am trying to make is that men and women are made for different purposes in life. There is nothing like that one is doing a more important job and another is incapable of doing it. What women do is no less important than what men do. Feminists should understand this more than the society as such, as i feel, the very reason they make so much noises is that they themselves feel inferior about themselves. Why would some one who feels to equal with their counterpart ask for reservation?

My take is that a person who is capable of being true representative should to go to parliament irrespective of his caste,creed,colour or sex. The only determining factor should be the ability of a person to lead the mass in all respects.Whether in the form of men or women...nation wants deserving leaders and not those people who takes the help of the unfair and a completely idiotic concept like reservation to reach the positions which would decide the future of the country.


  1. Completely agree with you on the last para.
    The male-female distinctions have been thrust upon us through the centuries that our society has evolved and 33% reservation is not going to change what has been there for eons. The debate will go on and perceptions vary.
    "Why would some one who feels to equal with their counterpart ask for reservation?" exactly my thoughts.

  2. Aliyah-Thanks for visiting. Am just am amateur blogger! Just write whatever i feel like!

  3. I agree with your point that there should not be any sort of reservation! We need good leaders- agreed!

    But about feminism:

    Wikipedia says "The term feminism can be used to describe a political, cultural or economic movement aimed at establishing equal rights and legal protection for women."

    The movement started way back 3 decades ago, when some legal protection was required for women. Today too- if we take a closer look women do need that protection! And because all men don't understand how a woman is to be treated we need the government to interfere and make laws and provide the state machinery to protect the women kind! Men are physically strong, that's where women get beaten up!

    Rather than perceiving 'feminism' as something that is against 'men' , you should try to see it as a movement in support of women! That shouldn't hurt much! Right?

  4. Agreed! But do all the women see it like that? No..rite. You may be right as per Wikipedia.....but ask a common man to define a feminist? Will he define it as a movement to empower women! The problem start when we start arguing on who's better than whom? God made as to compliment each other and not to compete!
    Am not anti-women. Am just anti feminists....only those feminists who think feminism is all about fighting it out with men!

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! Debating with an intellectual like yourself is always fun ...............and also very difficult ;-)! Expecting more such debates in the days ahead....